Give what you can. Take what you need. Working together for a better future!

It is estimated that food insecurity affects almost 1 in 5 Toronto households (18.5%). Toronto Little Free Pantry Project’s objective is to address this need on a local level and ultimately make our city a better place. We are communities coming together, building, hosting and stocking Little Free Pantries in order to help those in need amongst us.



Helping your community 

Please consider giving to a Little Free Pantry in your area. Suggested items are canned foods, dry pasta, tomato sauce, rice, beans, cereal, granola bars, hygiene products. Click here or here for Daily Bread Food Bank’s list of high demand items.


Please do not leave perishables or expired items. Please do not leave baby formula in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

If you have materials which might be used or repurposed for building a pantry and may wish to donate these, please contact us using the form below.


If you are skilled in carpentry and/or have equipment or space which could be used to create pantries, please contact us using the form below. We have established a waitlist of interested hosts who need help to build their pantries. Typically the host would cover the cost of materials and labour.


Here are instructions for building your own Little Free Pantry (recommended).


Working together for a better future

Particularly if you live in a high foot traffic area, please consider hosting a pantry of your own. We would encourage you to source or build a pantry of your own, however, please contact us if you are looking for help to establish your pantry. You must have the permission of the property owner to establish a pantry.


Please advise us when your pantry is operational so we can add it to the map! The locations are published in order to help community members find pantries to give or take items. Host names are not included

Here is a sign you can post on your pantry (laminating recommended). Send us a picture so we can add it to the website!

For those in need

Please take from the Free Little Pantries with love from your neighbours. If you find yourself in need regularly, know that your community is here to help. There are local food banks able to provide you with more substantial and nutritious supplies of food designed to meet the specific needs of you (and your family).


Please consult 211 for more information about programs and locations.



Check out our map to know where you can find the Little Free Pantries in Toronto.



Join the “Toronto Little Free Pantries Project” Facebook group here for regular updates.

Please contact us using the form below for more information and/or if you have any questions about how you can help!

Thank you for your submission!

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