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The Little Free Pantries really belong to the community; however, the host plays an integral role in the success of the pantries. We hope that everyone will help take care of them, but a few best practices below for the hosts.


  • Consider whether your location is suitable and whether your neighbours will be supportive.

  • Ensure the pantry is properly secured and kept in good repair.

  • Use our sign so the pantry is easily found and its purpose is understood.

  • Make sure your location is added to the website map.

  • Join our Facebook group and help spread the word.

  • Take care of the space in and around the pantry.

  • Keep the pantry tidy, clean and remove any perishables which may have expired.

  • Baby formula should not be kept in extreme temperatures.

  • Help ensure those in need are able to take free from judgment or scrutiny.

  • Inspect your pantry daily to maintain a safe, neat space.

  • Some hosts purchase personal or commercial liability insurance as a safeguard, but most do not. If you have concerns, consider obtaining legal advice.

Best Practices
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